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Introducing PHD (Peacock Herl Dubbing), the culmination of half a year's relentless experimentation and collaboration with our pro team. This ground breaking dubbing isn't just a replication of peacock herl; it's an innovation born from curiosity. We've meticulously crafted 5 unique blends, each with its own charm, including a mesmerizing bait fish blend that's sure to turn heads underwater.

What sets PHD apart?…..

It's the marriage of superfine texture and unparalleled ease of use. This dubbing is finely tuned to effortlessly adhere to your thread, saving you valuable time and frustration during tying sessions. The secret lies in our blend of superfine ice dub intricately woven with reflective fibers. When submerged, these blends create a spectacle, captivating fish with their lifelike shimmer.

Whether you're a seasoned angler seeking the closest representation of nature's peacock herl or a novice looking to elevate your tying game, PHD is your go-to choice. Immerse your flies in realism, attracting bites and igniting the curiosity of even the most discerning fish.

Kindale phd

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