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  • Copper Wallop

    Copper Wallop - Materials hook - (barbed) kamasan b175 - (barbless) grip 12413bl Thread - Danvilles 70 Denier flymaster plus Lead wire 0.2 Pheasant tail feather medium Ultra wire - any colour you like - Natural Hares ear dubbing blend - dubbing wax super glue The Copper Wallop Place hook into the vice jaws I'm demonstrating on a size #12 Kamasan b175 Start your thread at the bend of the hook bind up to just before the eye then back to the bend Remove roughly 12 feather fibers from the pheasant tail making sure the tips line up, then tie in the tail at the same length as the body Bind the pheasant tail fibers down finishing one eye length away from the eye then tie back to the middle of the fly Apply some superglue with a bodkin needle then wrap the lead from the mid point of the fly towards the eye. (five to six wraps will do) Finishing with one eye length away from the eye Tie in the Ultra wire on the side of the shank behind the lead wire Bind down to the tail then using your thread create a smooth tapered underbody Tie off and cut your thread, wind up the copper wire with tight wraps finishing your last wrap on the hook shank next to the eye, break off copper wire Tie your thread back on (at the wing case point) then pull back the pheasant tail fibers and lash down, the wing case should be roughly 1/3 the total length of the body Apply your dubbing wax then your natural hares ear dubbing making a loose rope of dubbing Wind up to the eye if the coverage is not complete wind back then forward to the eye again. You can apply a little superglue before you wind up the dubbing to add to the flies durability Pull forward the pheasant tail fibers forming the wing case tie down Cut of excess wing case , whip finish the head then seal with a tiny drop of superglue on the end of your needle Thanks for looking feel free to leave a comment either here, email or messenger on face book. Thanks Looking for access points to fisheries, fishing shops, fly tiers or guides within New Zealand check out

  • Nymphing for New Zealand Rainbow and Brown Trout

    Nymphing for trout in New Zealand is an effective way of catching fish all year round. Quite simply, it's fishing using artificial flies to imitate aquatic insect larvae and sub-aquatic worms and crustaceans. There are a number of different methods, and we will cover some of them in this post. Shop our range of nymphs, dry flies, lures and more, here. Nymphing with a "bomb" nymph combined with a smaller nymph (or two) Using a heavy "bomb" nymph in conjunction with a smaller one is a widespread method in New Zealand. It involves using a larger, heavily-weighted nymph to get a smaller fly down to where trout naturally feed. Note: Some anglers will use a "bomb" with two smaller nymphs. However, for the less experienced caster, this can produce horrendous tangles! The "bomb nymph" is typically tied using one or two heavy tungsten beads tied on a size #10 hook. The smaller nymph is generally size #14-18, or smaller. The two are often connected by a length of tippet tied between the smaller nymph(s) and onto the hook of the bomb nymph. This allows the angler to get the nymphs deep into the water column and into the strike zone quickly. When nymphing in this way, an indicator is useful to help the angler identify when a trout attempts to eat the fly. The indicator can also help to keep the flies from dragging along the bottom. This is why many New Zealand trout anglers prefer an indicator that is moveable. It allows them to match the depth of the water. Check out some of the bomb and smaller nymphs, along with indicators, available from the NZ Fishing Flies shop. Bomb Nymphing with Globugs and Cleardrift Eggs Using a bomb nymph in combination with a Globug or egg imitation can be incredibly effective on New Zealand rivers. Again, the bomb nymph is will get the Globug or Egg deep into the water column. Globugs and Cleardrift Eggs are available individually and as packs from NZ Fishing Flies. Dry Dropper: New Zealand-style Nymphing This is one of the most popular, enjoyable and successful ways to fish for trout in New Zealand and around the world. A dry fly acts as both fly and indicator. The angler ties a short length of tippet (for example, 12 inches) to the dry fly hook, and through the eye of a smaller nymph. Note: Again, some anglers prefer an extra nymph. Refer to our earlier warning about tangling! New Zealand anglers fish the Dry Dropper system when trout feed on or near the surface, and/or when river flows are lower and slower (Late Spring, Summer). The setup allows the chance to catch a trout "on the dry", probably the most exciting version of a strike. It also places a nymph into the water at a depth that allows the fish to see it. Obviously, choosing a good size Dry Fly (#10 or #12 is common) and pairing it with the right weight of nymph (typically a #14 and smaller) is key. Shop NZ Fishing Flies' proven range of Dry Flies, Nymphs Lures and more here. If you're looking for guidance, just ask! Fly Tying Guru Rhys Hogg has a wealth of trout fishing experience around New Zealand, and will happily recommend a likely combination for you. Euro Nymphing There are many other forms of nymphing which can fall under the blanket title of "Euro" nymphing. This would include Czech, Polish, Spanish and French nymphing. Generally, these styles include using a specialised fast-sinking leader and various combinations of heavy and not-so-heavy or light nymphs. It will be well worth investigating to see if one of these styles suits where you're fishing. A useful description of each of the various can be found here. New Zealand Fishing Flies supplies flies and lures for all styles of fly fishing. Check out some of the Euro-style nymphs on offer here. Got a question or comment? We’d love to know. Get in touch on Facebook, or send us a message here! Tight lines!

  • Trout Flies NZ and International

    New Zealand's Rainbow and Brown Trout are some of the biggest and hardest to catch trout in the world. Having the right trout flies for our waters is crucial. NZ Fishing Flies supplies hand-crafted trout flies to anglers who want to catch more fish. As an angler, you will spend considerable time and money getting yourself into the right location at the right time. So, make sure you have the right flies from NZ Fishing Flies in your box! Rhys Hogg, Master Fly Tyer NZ Fishing Flies' nymphs, dries and lures are all tied by hand by Rhys Hogg in Marton, New Zealand. Rhys is a trout fly-tying artisan and expert angler. He has decades of experience both in tying trout flies and using them to catch trout all around New Zealand. His ability to produce almost identical flies to exacting standards, while fulfilling large orders at an incredible pace, is legendary. From #18 (or smaller) nymphs, beaded nymphs, and dry flies to larger lures: NZ Fishing Flies supplies anglers and professional guides around New Zealand and abroad. Classic patterns, exclusive designs, variations and other NZ trout flies can be found in our online store. Rhys has fished and fishes for trout (and salmon) around NZ, so he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to suggesting flies. He also has a great network of customers and friends, who sometimes pass on what's been catching trout in their area. So, if you need a recommendation for a certain river or lake, ask! Made-to-Order Trout Flies NZ and International Trout flies NZ and around the world often need tweaks to match a certain hatch or local river and lake characteristics. Rhys knows this and knows many of the rivers, so he is adept at creating flies or variations to order. He’ll give you some suggestions, too. He also loves a challenge, or the opportunity to improve on a pattern! So, if you have a request, or an idea for a fly you'd like to have tied by a true craftsperson, get in touch! We humbly request you allow plenty of time for special or large orders to be tied. For example, tell us when your trip is planned for. We can provide a “yes/no” or “we can probably have this many ready”. This helps us preserve our reputation, and ensures you won’t be short on flies! Endorsements and Testimonials Wondering what top anglers say about NZ Fishing Flies' products? Check out Alex Waller of Trippin' On Trout, and Gareth Bayliss of Trout Hunting NZ. Or, you can ask Rhys about a guide or known angler in your area using NZ Fishing Flies. For all trout flies NZ and abroad, NZ Fishing Flies is the first place to shop. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and you can also join theNZ Fishing Flies Facebook discussion group.

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  • Pick Ups and Visiting | New Zealand | NZ Fishing Flies

    NZ Fishing Flies Where skill and passion combine Hours As we work from our family home we must insist that all pick ups are by appointment only. If you wish to browse or pay and pick please bring cash. We can accept credit card payments on the day. There is no eftpos available. We welcome all customers, clients' friends, anglers and tellers of tall tales by appointment only. Thank you Please phone Rhys on 021-066-3382 or (06) 927-0004 to make a time to pop in. Make an appointment

  • Questions and Contact | New Zealand | NZ Fishing Flies

    Frequently Asked Questions ​ ​ ​ ​ How long will my order take? Each order is customized, as such each order is tied once it has been placed and confirmed. The process of filling the order depends on the size of the order, style of flies and if any special materials are required. Also as mentioned on our main page, we have a teenaged child that has severe disabilities and from time to time his health needs take priority. We aim to have any order fulfilled and on it's way to you within 7 working days. ​ Why are your flies so cheap? This is the number one question we have customers ask us. And for us it's simple. We're passionate about fly fishing and we want to share that passion and enjoyment with as many people as possible and we believe that cost shouldn't be a barrier to engaging and enjoying this vibrant and exciting sport. We source our materials both locally and internationally in order to keep our costs as low as possible. Fishing flies don't have to be expensive and ours aren't. It's as simple as that. Can you copy a picture or sample? Absolutely we can! Just get in touch and we'll take it from there. ​ What's the quality like? It's natural to assume with our low prices that the quality is reflected. The reality is Rhys has over 20 years experience in the fly fishing industry as a fly tier. He has tied and sold tens of thousands of flies, to stores, wholesalers, fishing guides, and the public. With a solid commercial background like ours you can be assured that our flies are of the highest quality. You can view our products on this site or even email a request for a sample to be sent (pay only postage for a small selection) What can you tie? The better question is what can't we tie? There are 10o0's of different fly patterns out there and we have yet to be stumped, from a standard nymph to a realistic mouse to the most delicate dry fly. Saltwater, freshwater, lakes, rivers, puddles, ponds oceans and seas. If you have a request or even an idea fire away we can tie a sample and send you a high quality photo. ​ Do you ship internationally? We are more than willing and happy to ship flies internationally. Prices will vary depending on your location and the size of your order. Please contact to enquire How do I buy your flies? You can contact us by email, phone or txt. You can leave us a message on our facebook page by clicking on the button below Trade Me Facebook Contact Us

  • New Zealand Fishing Flies

    ​ ​ Welcome to NZ fishing flies ​ Where skill and passion combine We are a fly tying business based in the Rangitikei. Please take a look at our growing gallery of flies we have tied. All flies listed in our online store are available to purchase, just follow the instructions. If you have any questions or want to place an order check out our contact us page. Our prices and hours can be found on the prices page. Rhys is the man behind the vice and he has been tying flies for commercial and retail customers since 1993 when his boyhood hobby ignited a lifelong love of fishing and spawned a business. Over the past 20 years he has supplied 1000's of satisfied customers from around the country and different international visitors to our world class waters via wholesalers, stores and direct to the public. A move from Canterbury to our current home here in the Rangitikei and family commitments saw Rhys step away from fly tying for several years. A keen sense of longing and a useful excuse to spend hours 'product testing' saw the launch of our new company name and look in early 2015. When not managing the business, tying flies, fishing, or working our 'office jobs' we are dedicated parents to our severely autistic teenaged son. Visitors to our home for collection or questions about our products and services are likely to encounter him and we warmly extend this invitation to meet our family. Thanks for stopping by we hope to see you by the waters. The Hogg Family. Rhys and Lara Hogg

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