New to New Zealand Fishing Flies. We are now offering a mixed range of pre-selected fly packs. These represent real value for money. Every pack comes as either all barbed hooks, all barbless hooks or a mix of the two. Items are as listed and the packs are not available for customizing. Tailored for a range of budgets, needs and uses. Sizes and colours are set. Tied on quality tested hooks. 
Tongariro Top-Up pack contains:
Beaded Stonefly x3 #10

Double Beaded Stonefly x2 #12

Beaded Copper Caddis x2 #12

Pheasant and Hare Flashback x3 #14

UV Pheasant Tail x4 #14

Beaded Copper Wallop x4 #14

Glo Bugs x5 

Veiled Cleardrift Eggs x5 #14


Total Value $60. Price you pay at checkout $50


Tongariro Top-Up