Here at New Zealand Fishing Flies we pride ourselves on offering the widest range of flies possible. We have put together this pack of our own exclusive patterns. None of these flies are currently available in local tackle stores. All our packs are fixed selections of patterns and sizes. These represent real value for money. Every pack comes as either all barbed hooks, all barbless hooks or a mix of the two. Items are as listed and the packs are not available for customizing. Tailored for a range of budgets, needs and uses. With a mix of nymphs, lures and dry flies. Tied on quality tested hooks.

Exclusive Pattern Pack:

Copper Wallop - copper x2 #14

Peacock Pointer x2 #14

Hunters Hopper x2 #10

V2 Dorothy - white x2 #8

V2 Craigs Nighttime x2 #8

Hunters Natural Mayfly - brown x2 #14




Total value $40 Price you pay at check out is $30.


NZ Fishing Flies Exclusive Pack -small