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Squirrel + Hares Ear Blend UV Natural

Joining Forces are these two class products! Each Bring their own unique characteristics.

Squirrel Dubbing is soft and spikey with a shorter fibre and hares ear has lots of guard hair with lots of contrasting colours. Still Soft and easily dubbed.

By Blending the two you are getting lots of different textures, lots of movement and great depth of colours. We have added Superfine UV Strands to add a subtle hint of UV Hue to the blend.

Perfect for thoraxes and bodies of nymphs

We don't buy this is in pre made, we cut/ blend/ dye our materials to ensure the highest quality is reached. We don't mass produce products and send sub standard products out to customers. By blending in small batches we can ensure the dubbing is thoroughly blended and the end product is the same every time!

Kindale Hares Ear + Squirrel Ear Blend UV Natural

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