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New Zealand's Rainbow and Brown Trout are some of the biggest and hardest to catch trout in the world. Having the right trout flies for our waters is crucial. NZ Fishing Flies supplies hand-crafted trout flies to anglers who want to catch more fish.

As an angler, you will spend considerable time and money getting yourself into the right location at the right time. So, make sure you have the right flies from NZ Fishing Flies in your box!

Rhys Hogg, Master Fly Tyer

NZ Fishing Flies' nymphs, dries and lures are all tied by hand by Rhys Hogg in Marton, New Zealand.

Rhys is a trout fly-tying artisan and expert angler. He has decades of experience both in tying trout flies and using them to catch trout all around New Zealand. His ability to produce almost identical flies to exacting standards, while fulfilling large orders at an incredible pace, is legendary.

From #18 (or smaller) nymphs, beaded nymphs, and dry flies to larger lures: NZ Fishing Flies supplies anglers and professional guides around New Zealand and abroad. Classic patterns, exclusive designs, variations and other NZ trout flies can be found in our online store.

Rhys has fished and fishes for trout (and salmon) around NZ, so he has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to suggesting flies. He also has a great network of customers and friends, who sometimes pass on what's been catching trout in their area. So, if you need a recommendation for a certain river or lake, ask!

Made-to-Order Trout Flies NZ and International

Trout flies NZ and around the world often need tweaks to match a certain hatch or local river and lake characteristics. Rhys knows this and knows many of the rivers, so he is adept at creating flies or variations to order. He’ll give you some suggestions, too.

He also loves a challenge, or the opportunity to improve on a pattern! So, if you have a request, or an idea for a fly you'd like to have tied by a true craftsperson, get in touch!

We humbly request you allow plenty of time for special or large orders to be tied. For example, tell us when your trip is planned for. We can provide a “yes/no” or “we can probably have this many ready”. This helps us preserve our reputation, and ensures you won’t be short on flies!

Endorsements and Testimonials

Wondering what top anglers say about NZ Fishing Flies' products? Check out Alex Waller of Trippin' On Trout, and Gareth Bayliss of Trout Hunting NZ. Or, you can ask Rhys about a guide or known angler in your area using NZ Fishing Flies.

For all trout flies NZ and abroad, NZ Fishing Flies is the first place to shop. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and you can also join theNZ Fishing Flies Facebook discussion group.

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