Copper Wallop

Copper Wallop -


hook - (barbed) kamasan b175

- (barbless) grip 12413bl

Thread - Danvilles 70 Denier flymaster plus

Lead wire 0.2

Pheasant tail feather

medium Ultra wire - any colour you like -

Natural Hares ear dubbing blend -

dubbing wax

super glue

The Copper Wallop

Place hook into the vice jaws I'm demonstrating on a size #12 Kamasan b175

Start your thread at the bend of the hook bind up to just before the eye then back to the bend

Remove roughly 12 feather fibers from the pheasant tail making sure the tips line up, then tie in the tail at the same length as the body

Bind the pheasant tail fibers down finishing one eye length away from the eye then tie back to the middle of the fly

Apply some superglue with a bodkin needle then wrap the lead from the mid point of the fly towards the eye. (five to six wraps will do) Finishing with one eye length away from the eye

Tie in the Ultra wire on the side of the shank behind the lead wire

Bind down to the tail then using your thread create a smooth tapered underbody

Tie off and cut your thread, wind up the copper wire with tight wraps finishing your last wrap on the hook shank next to the eye, break off copper wire

Tie your thread back on (at the wing case point) then pull back the pheasant tail fibers and lash down, the wing case should be roughly 1/3 the total length of the body

Apply your dubbing wax then your natural hares ear dubbing making a loose rope of dubbing

Wind up to the eye if the coverage is not complete wind back then forward to the eye again. You can apply a little superglue before you wind up the dubbing to add to the flies durability

Pull forward the pheasant tail fibers forming the wing case tie down

Cut of excess wing case , whip finish the head then seal with a tiny drop of superglue on the end of your needle

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